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3 Shows That Are Realistic About Work in Your 20s And 2 That Arent

3 Shows That Are Realistic About Work in Your 20s And 2 That Arent All of us who have weathered the stressful, exciting, and ever-changing experience of finding your place in the workforce as a 20-something know that TV doesnt always give the most accurate picture of early career development. Characters with super-flexible work schedules, inflated incomes, and the ability to buy and do whatever they want show up all the time on TV.And while theres a level of escapist fun to watching these unrealistic fantasy situations, its satisfying to find a TV show that truly captures the education, the frustration, and the general weirdness of work life in your 20s. We found 6 shows that deliver the goods in an honest way and 2 that definitely dont.The Realistic Shows1. InsecureAn HBO comedy centered around a pair of Los Angeles friends in their late twenties, Insecure offers one of the most on-point perspectives on the challenges and triumphs of working throughout your third decade of life.BF Fs Issa (showrunner Issa Rae) and Molly (Yvonne Orji) spend each Insecure episode struggling with romantic entanglements, drug dalliances, friendship complications, and career problems. Issa, who is African-American, works as a project associate for a non-profit focused on providing betreuung and resources to low-income students, but she finds herself constantly trapped in meetings with out-of-touch white colleagues who have subtly-bigoted views on the kids theyre trying to help. She ultimately disagrees with the organizations managers to a point where she chooses to quit, and in order to support herself, she moonlights as a Lyft driver and accepts a property management role at an apartment building in exchange for free rent. These less-than-ideal moves are par for the course for a 20-something employee, and Insecure depicts Issas employment debacles as highly-relatable moves for a young person still trying to find her foothold in the professional world.On the flip side, Issas best friend Molly has a high-powered career as an attorney, and her professional success clearly sets her apart from other characters in her age group. However, she finds herself dealing with a different set of complications, from subtle racism at her majority-white law firm to sexist comments from male colleagues. Like Issas exploratory freedom, Mollys career success comes with strings attached, which definitely checks out in terms of real-world job experiences.2. YoungerWhile TVLands Younger technically centers around a 40-something mother masquerading as a 26-year-old in order to re-enter the workforce after a divorce, the show reveals plenty of truths about moving forward in your career as an ambitious 20-something.When the shows protagonist, Liza Miller (Sutton Foster), takes a position as a absatzwirtschaft assistant at Empirical Publishing, she finds herself saddled with a list of responsibilities very typical for an early-career administrator. She fetches coffee for boss Diana Tr out (Miriam Shor), takes notes at meetings, and even handles personal errands for Diana. While Diana ultimately proves to have Lizas best interests at heart, she initially treats her dismissively, an experience plenty of 20-something admins can relate to.In the shows second season, Liza and 26-year-old Empirical editor Kelsey (Hilary Duff) earn the chance to run their own imprint, and they suddenly find themselves positioned as bosses rather than subordinates. While Youngers timeline for this promotion feels admittedly fast, the ability to seize opportunities and put oneself forward for advancement even at an early career stage can and should be common practice for talented young employees.3. Vanderpump RulesOkay, we admit it a Bravo reality show is a surprising place to find an accurate depiction of the working world. But for all its drama, high-octane fights, and romantic debacles, Vanderpump Rules actually reveals a very genuine look at the lives of 20-something hospitality worke rs.Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump owns several restaurants in the Hollywood area, one of which the sultry eatery pkel provides the setting for the hit spinoff known as Vanderpump Rules. The show guides viewers through the lives of a youthful group of servers, bartenders, models, musicians, and hosts, all working shifts at SUR to pay the bills while pursuing their dreams of stardom. While few hospitality employees have the benefit of a boss like Lisa (who makes an almost-inappropriate investment in the personal lives of her staff), the constant squabbles about shift switching, the palpable disappointment when one of the SURvers gets turned down for a promising role, and the consistent appearance of Vanderpump Rules cast members working the floor at SUR all feels refreshingly honest to creatives taking restaurant jobs to fund their artistic ambitions.The Not-So-Realistic Shows1. FriendsNow that the full series can be enjoyed on Netflix, 90s TV classic Friends has enjoyed a newfound swell in popularity, largely spurred by a younger generation of viewers who missed the show when it originally aired. But while Friends boasts one of the finest ensemble casts in TV-comedy history and brought us immortal cultural moments that stand the test of time (Smelly Cat, anyone?), the show absolutely dropped the ball on exhibiting realistic career patterns and lifestyles for its 20-something NYC-based characters.Between Rachels fashion work, Rosss paleontology professorship, Monicas role as a head chef in a Manhattan restaurant, Joeys busy acting career, Phoebes eclectic freelance pursuits, and Chandlers intentionally-mysterious office job, the Friends already have enviable work situations for their ages. But where the show really diverges from reality involves the amount of free time and flex time that each character enjoys. Theyre regularly able to take long lunches, and hour-long coffee breaks at Central Perk, and we as viewers never see any conseque nces for these behaviors. While its certainly possible for a 20-something employee to have a flexible schedule, the Friends take this concept to a whole other level.Also, it would be messed up if we didnt mention the ridiculous discrepancy between what Rachel and Monica likely earned as early-career staffers and the market rent for the gargantuan West Village apartment they live in. Yes, the show makes a point of mentioning that Monica inherited the apartments lease from her grandmother, but even so were not buying it, Friends.2. The Bold fontA major ratings coup for the FreeForm network, The Bold Type tells the story of three 20-something staffers at a fashion magazine heavily inspired by Cosmopolitan. These charismatic young employees writer Jane (beschleunigerie Stevens), social media director Kat (Aisha Dee) and fashion assistant Sutton (Meaghann Fahy) deliver phenomenal performances as go-getters in the editorial world, and we see their characters constantly striving for new challenges, higher positions, and a promising professional future.However, The Bold Type presents the modern-day print magazine sphere in a very rose-colored light, unfortunately out-of-step with the realities of the industry. For instance, Jane receives a position as a full-time staff writer at Scarlet Magazine, a role thats increasingly rare at publications, particularly those with print editions. While staff writers arent extinct yet, even major magazines like Cosmopolitan produce the majority of their content through freelance contributors. Kats director-level role would also count as a rarity among employees in their early to mid 20s. Even in a youth-related aspect of the business, like social media, a position that senior would likely go to a more-experienced staff member. On top of that, the Bold Type ladies have impeccably-decorated, beautiful apartments, which definitely arent the norm for early-career professionals, especially in erratic fields like media. The Bold Type do es a lot with its portrayal of editorial culture in 2018, but small details like these diminish the shows authenticity (but, luckily, not its entertainment value).More on TV

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The Hidden Treasure of How to List Microsoft Office Skills on Resume

The Hidden Treasure of How to List Microsoft Office Skills on Resume Finding the Best How to List Microsoft Office Skills on Resume As an example, you might have used Microsoft stimmt genau for years, but you need never done a Mail Merge. Web and Social Skills Most organizations are seeking to boost their footprint on the net and within social networking. Microsoft Excel Training together with recruitment facility is readily available and is truly imperative for people and distinct organizations. It is an excellent database which benefits in managing a variety of data, information and a program that makes the manipulation of numbers a lot easier. Office clerks typically require communication, computer and basic arbeitszimmer skills. Standard office training should contain lessons about how to use a fundamental multi-line phone system. Understanding How to List Microsoft Office Skills on Resume Most administrative positions involve a good verstndigung im strafverfahren of w riting. Having said this, 1 thing we do know is that the greater part of work in the future will call for digital skills. Show the employer you have the skills the business requirements. 3 First, you have to pick the best skills for your resume. Honing the skills you need may take a while but its well well worth it if you wish to construct a solid digital assistant career. Key skills are work-related skills that you want to do a job. Technical skills are either something youve got or you dont, but theyre always something which youre able to learn. The Good, the Bad and How to List Microsoft Office Skills on Resume General office procedures are essential for administrative staff, but a lot of positions will require administration personnel to be acquainted with bookkeeping. Administrative skills are necessary for a selection of jobs, which range from office assistants to secretaries to office managers. The quantity of education and experience necessary to develop into an office manager is contingent on the work atmosphere. While personnel can be certain of working a comparatively static schedule within typical small business hours, there can be occasions where working outside the traditional schedule is going to be required. Organization Administrative jobs of all types need strong organizational skills. Writing skills are also crucial for many distinct jobs. Life After How to List Microsoft Office Skills on Resume Very similar to time management, admin assistants want the skill of being in a position to plan strategically. You also need to learn the simple employability skills that are essential for getting, keeping, and also doing well in your work. What Does How to List Microsoft Office Skills on Resume Mean? Nevertheless, you figure its well worth listing on your resume. For those who have questions regarding services or programs of The Arc Prince Georges County, or in case you will need information, please get in winzigkeit with us at any moment. To begin with, create a master list of all of the MS Office skills you believe you have. How to List Microsoft Office Skills on Resume the Ultimate Convenience Like with a lot of jobs, widening your skills base in Microsoft Office can just be a good attribute in the future. Writing a resume can be an intimidating task, especially as you have to sell yourself to a hiring manager with just one or two pages where you could list out your extensive experience. Resume is truly a succinct documentation for the expert journey, and it plays a valuable part in almost any task interview. You are the person driving the work search.

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The Awful Secret of Counselor Resume

The Awful Secret of Counselor Resume Attempt to think about the absolute most impressive thing youve done in social work, and place it on display. Every word counts, especially if youre aiming for a single page. The significance of your resume or CV in the work search process cant be overstated. If you wish to find high excellent research and thesis papers in time and for a sensible price, you should probably try out using In some cases, Medical Social Workers may report to the administrator of a specific department in a hospital. Patient counseling is a significant portion of the Medical Social Workers role. A Medical Social Worker usually participates as a member of a medical care team to recognize the patients wants and produce a treatment program. Clinical social workers may also diagnose some mental and behavioural problems, and they work with doctors to come up with treatment plans. You have to provide your prospective employer a very clear and dir ect job objective, that youre able to join the organization. You need to be able to compose your social work resume on a SNAP scrip and receive the job. Just be certain that its impressive, together with related to the job youre applying to. Whichever job you apply for, you want to get a certain skills set to be in a position be eligible for it. If youre searching for work, you might be brief on cash. As much as experience is critical, it is not the sole thing hiring managers want to get. A good way to show employers youll be able to offer the things that they need is to highlight your skills throughout the work procedure. Your job search might take a while and theres not a reason why it shouldnt Writing a successful resume isnt easy. While My Ideal Job application gives you the terminology, it cannot supply you with each one of the details needed to make your resume standout. If you need assistance with the fundamental essentials of CV writing, be certain to have a look a t our handy guide about how to write a CV. Now you know the principles of writing your cover letter, go right ahead and create one now The best leaders are the individuals who can lead without their kids feeling they are being led. When you are in possession of a complete week of long days, youre almost certainly realize how much work being a councilor is but bear in mind that you will have to do it again the next week so youre going to want to reveal the exact same enthusiasm on the next Monday as you did at the start of the program. An excellent counselor will get everyone involved and everyone an opportunity. Being a camp counselor is a good job so long as you are not that keen on making a good deal of money. In that instance, you are going to want to use the appropriate dates. If you attempt to do too much too quickly for a single client, you will failand you wont be available to assist anyone else. In locating the sufficient data of an applicantyoupresented in a reall y professional fashion, youre going to be put in the position you want to be. The perfect format for your resume is shown in the example that you will just need to adjust for your own personal circumstance. Now you have a bachelors degree and experience in the area, the next thing to do is to make an application for a program with a CSWE accreditation. The duration of your resume depends on your degree of experience. As you are studying for your Bachelors degree or when you finish your undergraduate studies, the next step is going to be to find volunteer experience which is relevant to the area of social work. Usually, an objective is utilized by somebody who has just graduated or has very little experience. You dont require experience to get achievements. Its also wise to chat about past understanding. Social work entails lots of responsibilities. Social work licensure confirms that social workers have the ideal education and training to be able to present competent servi ces to the general public. Social workers assist their clients function better in society. If youre aiming for advancement or a specialized region of Social Work make sure to find the acceptable Certifications before applying. 1 A resume summary is a brief, snappy introduction paragraph that gives you a summary of your very best work. Youre going to compose a resume summary which gets far more interviews. The qualifications summary is put close to the top of the resume. Therefore if you prefer to go noticed instantly, you should incorporate an overview of qualifications on your resume. Keep in mind that youre responding to a work post so that your objective, skills, education and work experience should match the prerequisites of the employer. For this reason, youve got to think about the best method to present your abilities. Before entering the area of social work, it is crucial to think about the core skills that are critical for successful career as a social worker. P ast the accomplishments themselves, youre demonstrating soft skills (like motivation) and values (including your work ethic). Odds are you will be working with individuals of different nationalities. Social work isnt a field at which you can succeed without a true awareness of mission. People with experience will profit from having an overview of the resume. Communication Skills Being in a position to communicate with the kids is very important if your group is to get fun.

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Therapeutic Riding Instructor Certification Options

Therapeutic Riding Instructor Certification OptionsTherapeutic Riding Instructor Certification OptionsThere are several certification options and training courses for those interested in the field of therapeutic riding. Here are some of the groups that offer certification programs Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH) offers a three-level certification program for therapeutic riding instructors Registered, Advanced, and Master. The PATH certification program is a widely known and respected. There are three pathways to Registered (entry-level) certification attending a PATH approved training course, attending a PATH member college or university, or an experiential path that includes online coursework, teaching under supervision, on-site workshops, and an on-site certification class. Candidates must complete 2 online exams, attend the workshop and certification class, and have at least 25 hours of teaching under the supervision of a PATH instructor. The application fee is $60. For Advanced certification, a candidate must be an Individual or Registered member, have taught riders for at least 120 hours at a PATH center, have completed a workshop or training course within the past two years, and submit a resume and references. The certification itself requires a written exam, riding demonstration, lunge line demonstration, and a lesson demonstration. The certification fee is $1,000. For Master certification, a candidate must already hold Advanced certification, have four years of experience with a PATH center, have at least 400 hours of teaching experience, and have at least two years of service to the PATH International organization. They must also provide references, a professional resume, case studies, and video footage. There is also an oral evaluation that must be successfully passed. The certification fee is $1,000. American Hippotherapy Association T he American Hippotherapy Association (AHA) offers the Certified Hippotherapy Clinical Specialist designation to physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech and language pathologists. Those who become certified may use the initials HPCS (Hippotherapy Professional Clinical Specialist) in their credentials. Applicants must have been in practice for at least 3 years (6,000 hours), have at least 100 hours of hippotherapy practice within the brde 3 years, and pass a multiple choice exam. The certification fee is $275 for AHA members and $375 for nonmembers. An entry-level certification is also available to physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, occupational therapists, occupational therapist assistants, and speech and language pathologists. Applicants must have been in practice for at least 1 year (2,000 hours), have 25 hours of treating patients using hippotherapy, complete AHA Level I and II skills courses, and pass an exam. The certification fee is $250 for AH A members and $350 for nonmembers. National Council for Therapeutic Recreation The National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC) is the recognized accrediting body for therapeutic riding instructor certification in Canada. The NCTRC offers the Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) designation to qualified applicants who meet the prerequisites and pass an exam. Applicants must have a baccalaureate degree and practical experience in the field. Exams are offered in January, May, and October. Locations for the exams include Canada, the United States, and Puerto Rico. Full details are available on the NCTRC website. Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Therapeutic Riding The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Therapeutic Riding (ACPTR), located in the United Kingdom, offers a hippotherapy course designed for physiotherapists. Applicants must be members of ACPTR, have full membership in the Chartered Society of Physiology, have at least one year of professional experience as a physiotherapist, and submit a skills assessment checklist. The course itself involves two four-day training modules that are scheduled six months apart. There are also written assignments to be completed in advance of the hands-on coursework. The hippotherapy course fee is 1200 GBP (approximately $2,000).

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Example of Cold Call Letter of Interest for a Company or Job (Template)

Example of Cold Call Letter of Interest for a Company or Job (Template)Example of Cold Call Letter of Interest for a Company or Job (Template)How do you start an email for a job?A reader recently asked if I had a sample letter of interest, also known as a letter of inquiry, to send to a company for employment, even if they dont have any particular job openings at the moment. Since I didnt have one to show her, I thought it was a good idea to create a template for a cold call letter of interest to share with all of you.What is a letter of inquiry?A letter of inquiry and a letter of interest are the same things. They are an inquiry for a job a letter that inquires about the possibility for employment, even if there are no open jobs posted at the recipients company.The thing I want to stress is that there is NO ONE RIGHT WAY to approach this. The main thing is to find the best words possible to get them intrigued enough to read your letter carefully, take time to look at your resume, an d actually consider whether it might pay to chat with you regardless of current openings.Can ANY letter of interest do all that? I guess thats a bit of a trick question, since no matter how brilliant your letter or email is, you never know what mood the reader might be in or what kinds of things are going on in the company at the time that might get in the way.Still, with that caveat in mind, the answer is YES a great letter of interest that just happens to land at the right time and with the right person can open doors. And since the only cost to you is your time and effort and maybe the cost of a stamp if you mail it then the risk is well worth it.In many ways, job search is a matter of playing the odds and NOT about waiting for absolute certainty, which is extremely rare. And timing can indeed be everything. But this also tells us that you might want to try again at some point if you dont get the answer you want the first time.= Click here for more job search samples When can you use this type of cold-call letter or email? There are four basic situations where these can be usefulWhen there is a company you really want to work for in any position.When there is a particular type of job you know you want.When there is an industry you are targeting.When you are looking for your first job or to change careers and are open to pretty much anything that might fit.Template for a cold call letter of interestSince each situation is different, when you work with a template like this it is only meant to offer suggestions and a general framework please tailor the words to your specific needs and situation (You can also can use this template for volunteer, freelance, or part-time work.)So, how to you start an email inquiring about a job? The main thing is, you want to be able to bestattungs their attention in a way that interests them enough to read your letter all the way through. Start by researching the name of the recipient the standard Dear Sir or Madame isnt ey e catching enough for a letter of inquiry.Next, write a compelling opening paragraph about yourself and why you want to work for the company. The letter should feel natural and have your voice. It shouldnt be too wooden or stiff nor should it get too cutesy or personal, even when youve researched the person youre writing to.As much as you might want to gush about how much this means to you or tell them your whole life story, you need to respect their time and remember their point of view. In the end, it really is about them and their needs, even while you are telling them about you. Look for opportunities to establish some quick commonality about a topic or maybe a person / project in common even something you read that the person or company representative said. Something like that (use your judgment to stay within bounds) can give you a good lead-in paragraph to hopefully get them intrigued enough to respond.And now heres the sample I promised. Again, make sure to use this as a t emplate, adapting it to YOUR individual needsProperty of Career Nook. Click to see sample template in new window. nbspMore articles to help? How to Begin a Job Search Getting My Job Search Started Right ? What Are Transferable Job Skills and Why Do They Matter?? How Long Does It REALLY Take To Find a Job?? How to Find a Job When There Arent Any Jobs Out There nbsp? What You Need To Know About Working With RECRUITERS? Volunteer Jobs Can Volunteer Jobs Really Lead to Real Jobs?? Job Search Networking Whats the Best Way to Ask People for Help?? Networking Tips Checklist for Job Search (w/ sample spreadsheet) nbsp

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Dealing with Employment #8220;Bait and Switch#8221;

Dealing with Employment 8220Bait and Switch8221 Dealing with Employment 8220Bait and Switch8221 Have you been hired for a job only to find that your duties are completely different than what you signed on for? If so, then you may be the victim of an employment bait and switch. If you were initially promised exciting and high-profile projects at the time of hire but end up stuck performing daily menial tasks it may be time to make some moves to improve your situation. First things first, you need to figure out whether or not you are really in a bait and switch situation.There is a chance that you are first expected to work your way up to your promised position sort of an evaluation period to gauge your true abilities. It may also be possible that your boss was not adequately aware of the duties that the position entailed and, thus, mistakenly informed you of a false set of expectations. Regardless of the cause, you should begin your investigation with a heart-to-heart with your boss .The conversation should be simple I expected to do this but am actually doing this. Bring up the official job description for which you were hired and get your bosss thoughts on what is expected of you and when you can departure working the more desired tasks. Make sure you express your motivation and enthusiasm for the original job description and send out feelers to find out what you can do to get where you want to be. This talk may be all you need to set things straight.But you dont need to rely on others to get you where you want to go. Take some initiative of your own and tackle some of the issues that necessitate some of the menial aspects of your job. Try to automate tedious processes or at least make them more efficient. You may also create your own projects to solve more complicated problems around your office.If your boss is unable to help alleviate your issues, consider approaching your human resources representative about transferring to another department or team. You may even have the recommendation of your current boss if the bait and switch was unintentional. This approach alleviates the hassles of performing another job search and may place you in a position more suited to your interests, goals, and strengths.The vorkaufsrecht of last resort is to quit. If you can find no suitable alternatives within your current employer and your boss is unable or unwilling to accommodate your needs, you may need to find another job where the job description matches reality and you dont have to work so hard to feel fulfilled. Unless you signed an employment contract obligating you to work for a set amount of time, you should have no problems exiting your undesirable position with no professional repercussions. Never settle for an unfulfilling job and/or one that doesnt offer a challenge, especially one youve been tricked into accepting. There are always better options for those who are patient and persevering enough to brave the job market for more fitting e mployment.

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You Can (and Should) Put Volunteer Work on a Resume

You Can (and Should) Put Volunteer Work on a ResumePutting Volunteer Work on a ResumeYou Can (and Should) Put Volunteer Work on a ResumeGood karma is not the only thing you can build by volunteering. You can also build a great resume. Adding volunteer work to your resume is especially helpful if youre just starting out, changing careers, or returning to work. And even though volunteer skills dont pay the bills, your volunteer experience could be the ticket to your next paycheck. In an article for (Use Volunteering to Try Something New), Susan G. Ellis points out that volunteer work places new graduates a notch above fellow students who can only list classroom studies and summer jobs on their resumes enables career changers to show employers that they not only want to make a change, but have already made the change and are now ready to take it into a full-time role provides a way for people returning to work to ease back into the workplace, build self-confidence, and get their skills back up to speed and gives you current contacts and references to help you land a paying job.If youre still caught up in the notion that its somehow cheating to put volunteer work on your resume, get over it. I like the way they put it on the Ask a Manager blogYour accomplishments are your accomplishments. Its no ones business how much you got paid for them, even if that amount is zero. But perhaps it would help to think of yourself as taking on pro bono work rather than a volunteer.Successful career changer Barbara Dozetos explains in a Monster article (Volunteer Work Does Your Resume Good) how volunteering to write for a community newspaper helped her make the shift from bookkeeping to writing. Although she knew she had great writing skills, her resume was filled with bookkeeping jobs. Through volunteer work, she helped a cause that was meaningful to her and built a portfolio that launched her writing career.Where Does It Go on Your Resume?Typically, volunteer job s can go right in with paid jobs, structured the same way (title, dates, brief description, accomplishments). In addition, you should consider mentioning it in either your Objective or Professional Summary.Examples Objective To apply the direct mail expertise gained as a volunteer marketing coordinator for the Cystic Fibrosis Society to a full-time lokalitt as ....Six months experience teaching Internet skills at Springfield Assisted Living....Volunteer work that is unrelated to your targeted position (but still makes you look good) can go under a heading such as Community Service at the end of the resume, and/or in your cover letter. How to Become a VolunteerIf youre interested in finding a volunteer position and arent sure where to start, visit or to be matched up with organizations in your area, or check the web sites of organizations youd like to work for pro bono.